Ascend Faster

Ascend Faster is a tailored mentoring program developed by Siobhan O’Toole. This program will give you more than just a mirror for your thoughts but tools and frameworks to enable you to elevate your influence in the workplace and become sought after in your area of expertise.   

There are 8 spots available each quarter for people who are ready to be sought after for what you know.  

Spaces are limited and dependent upon an intake interview that helps us determine if this is the right program for you. 

The first session is free book by clicking on the button below. 


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Who is Ascend Faster for?

  • Individual thinkers – are you operating in frameworks that don’t deal with innovation thinking?
  • Change agents – those working in digital disruption and Innovation
  • Subject Matter experts/contractors
  • Those wishing to transition from Corporate to independent working (contracting SME)
  • People who want to increase their influence and confidence in the workplace
  • Delivery Managers, Program Managers, Project Managers who are managing innovation programs or Agile delivery. 

Types of Problems Ascend Faster has resolved:

•Not being recognised for the work you put in
•Are you stuck in the hamster wheel?
•Does managing up feel like sucking up?
•Are you set up to fail or succeed in your position?
•Dealing with problem boss/stakeholders
•Long term plan avoidance
•Issues ending a contract/job on good terms

Watch the Hays Interview Tips Video by clicking the image

Watch the Hays Interview Tips Video by clicking the image

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Outcomes from the Ascend Faster Program

  • 5 year career plan including Financial Health Check
  • Personalised Career Pitch
  • Negotiation/stakeholder strategy
  • Practised tactics for handling tough conversation