Image from https://www.warndu.com/

Image from https://www.warndu.com/

It is safe to say that without Siobhan, there would be no Warndu. She has been critical to our success. Her ability to keep a creative like myself on track is quite incredible. Without her we would be all ideas and no product. She has kept me on track for the past year and is instrumental to our business and our strategic plan moving forward. She is focused and driven, enthusiastic whilst realistic. I am beyond thankful to have her as a mentor.
— Rebecca Sullivan, Founder and Director at Granny Skills and Warndu
Image from Ikara.com 

Image from Ikara.com 

Siobhan has a flair for inspired business thinking that strikes the fine balance between system process, quality assurance and continuous improvement.
As a result, Siobhan brings a refreshing perspective to the inevitable challenges that face all teams eventually. Ikara loves the energy that Siobhan brings to our engagements and the lift that her presence creates in every meeting.
— Reuben Bennett, Partner at Ikara Group
The Qantas Team Image from @ladySKO

The Qantas Team Image from @ladySKO

Slightly unorthodox but highly effective. I have a huge amount of respect for Siobhan and what she has managed to deliver for Qantas Loyalty.
— Steven Mahoney - Product Manager Qantas Loyalty
Drives the team to achieve while taking them on the journey.
— Karen Low - Change Lead Qantas Loyaty
Siobhan is energetic and unfailingly positive.
— Sarah Udy - Legal Counsel Qantas Loyalty
A powerhouse
— Scott Never - Head of Product - Qantas Loyalty
Energetic, enthusiastic!
— Stuart Grice - Head of Devops Qantas Loyalty
I’d happily work with Siobhan again in future.
— Abdul Ghani
Strong willed but highly driven and experienced
— David Young
Gracefully tenacious.
— Brett Farrell
Great leader with real passion and determination. True to yourself. Brave. Outspoken
— Cameron Kraus
I had the pleasure of working with Siobhan for several years, at first with our startup ServiceMesh and post-acquisition with CSC. She functioned as my chief of staff, and I can confidently say we would have been half as productive without her tireless drive. She was extremely effective transitioning from startup mode to enterprise bureaucracy as we assumed leadership of the legacy global cloud business unit; always managing to find ways to get things done on a timely basis. She was also invaluable in helping me / my leadership team maintain focus on longer term strategic priorities even as we were swamped with daily routine tasks.
— Jim Houghton CTO DXC
Accenture CRM Benelux Team from 3- 80 Image: Martin Hermsen

Accenture CRM Benelux Team from 3- 80 Image: Martin Hermsen

From all the talented people that worked for me in the CRM practice at Accenture, Siobhan spearheaded the pack. She combined drive with talent, facts with empathy and did the extra mile to get the job done. It was always a pleasure to work with Siobhan.
— Martin Hermsen - Senior Executive Partner and CRM practice leader for Accenture Benelux
Siobhan is a detail-oriented manager who has special skills to keep a helicopter view of the strategic objective. She is fun to work with, goal driven, and always in for a laugh.
— André Koelewijn, SAP IS-U consultant, IFS Nederland, worked directly with Siobhan at Accenture